Newspaper And Print Inserts Are Still In

newspaper and print inserts

The new digital age has increased the amount of information — and advertisements — that can be found online. But that doesn’t mean newspapers or print inserts are ineffective.

In fact, newspaper and print inserts are still and effective way to market and advertise the goods and services your company provides. This post will break down the different ways

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Newspaper And Print Inserts

Printing out inserts to send along with newspapers or other printed goods might seem old-fashioned, but many grocery stores and companies still prefer this method of advertising.

Having an online presence is important in this increasingly digital age, but print inserts are also still a valuable tool for marketing. Read through these different ways newspaper and other print inserts can help set your business apart and work as an effective type of advertising.

Find A Long-Lasting Mood Of Advertising

Giving the consumer a physical piece of paper makes a larger impact than the fleeting advertisements that flash across their screen. Now, your customer has a physical piece of information about your company that is long-lasting. That consumer can spend some time at home looking through your information, and gain further insight into what your company offers.

Save Time And Money

Newspaper inserts save consumers time and money. Instead of consumers spending time to search for what they’re looking for, newspaper and print inserts deliver that information directly to the consumer.

Get Localized Distribution

If you’re looking to target a specific area or region, print inserts give you the power to pick a specific geographic area that you want to target. You can choose a specific ZIP code or city where you want to focus your marketing efforts and ensure that only people in that area receive your printed inserts.

Personalize Your Ad Format

When you’re having a physical advertisement inserted into a newspaper or other print media, you have more of a say on what kind of insert you’re designing. This also allows you to have variety that goes beyond the pixel constraints of a digital advertisement. With print inserts, you can provide:

  • Discount offers
  • Small gifts or samples
  • personalized “thank you’s” or notes

Your company is interacting with the consumer through these personalized inserts or samples that consumers can tangibly use in their home.

Set Your Brand Apart

With the inundation of advertisements online, consumers are used to ignoring and clicking past advertisements. Sending an insert to a consumer’s home makes your business stand out and have a physical presence that they have to interact with.

Join The Sunday Group

Sunday’s are still a big day for newspapers and print advertisements. If you’re insert appears in this Sunday frenzy, you have a good chance of reaching new consumers with your promotional materials.

In fact, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) says that 83% of adults regularly comb through newspaper inserts with 70% of those people using those inserts in the last month.

Link Your Print To Digital

Print and digital advertising is not exclusive. If you’re looking for another dimension to add to your advertising campaign, promotional materials in the form of printed inserts are a great option. Just make sure you include information about your digital presence or coupons on your insert. You can also add other elements like a QR Code or a call to engage online.

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