Pros And Cons Of Using Direct Mail

advertising with direct mail

Are you ready to start using direct mail and other print promotional materials for your business?

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for using direct mail for your business. Before you jump into purchasing and printing promotional materials for your business, it’s important to understand how those materials can help — or hurt — your business.

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There is a reason that many businesses still opt for sending direct mail to consumers: it works! Read through these different pros to see if direct mail could be beneficial for your business.


You can target direct mail for specific groups of people based on demographic information like:

  • Age
  • Educational level
  • Employment status
  • Family size
  • Gender
  • Geographic location
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Race/ethnicity

You can also target based on psychographic information which includes looking at things like people’s activities, attitudes, opinions, interests, beliefs, and behaviors.


Digital ads flash or appear to consumers for just a few seconds. With direct mail, you have time and space to add information about the service or product your provide, along with how the consumer could benefit for your specific business.

From including multiple products to low prices for a sale, you can spend time giving your audience detailed and specific information.

See Results

Digital advertising tracks views and click rates, but it can be hard to know the direct result of promoting advertisements online.

With direct mail, there are ways to see the result of that promotion. If you include an identifying code on any application, form, or coupon with that direct mail, you can easily monitor how many sales are made as a direct result of that specific advertisement.


If you’re launching a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s also important to understand the cons so you can learn from them. Here are some of the cons we’ve seen that come with direct mail.

Costs Add Up

Since direct mail requires you to print physical copies of your ads, the costs can start to add up. You also have to purchase mailing lists and postage to send those mailers to your audience.

This is what makes picking the right audience so vital. You don’t want to mindlessly send out your information. Instead, think about the demographic you’re trying to target and where that demographic lives or shops. This will help you get the most from every mailer you send out.

Adding Clutter

The term “junk mail” is nothing new. You’re sending advertisements directly to the consumers home. Furthermore, some people will ignore — or toss out — your direct mail just like they ignore digital advertisements.

But, again, this goes back to choosing the right audience. To make your mailers stand out amongst other “junk mail,” you want to make sure you’re sending the right message to the right people. You also want to make sure your design is eye-catching and invites a consumer to see more or learn more about your service/product.

Low Response Rates

Direct mail can have low response rates, but the same can also be true with digital advertisements. If you’re looking for a response rate from your direct mail, think about the call to action you include on your advertisement.

Are you printing a coupon for the consumer to use? Are you running a short-term promotion that the customer needs to take advantage of now? Thinking about these different things will help increase the value and response of your direct mail.

Is Direct Mail Right For Your Business?

With direct mail, it comes down to carefully-crafting your message. Think about the group you’re targeting and craft the message around that audience. Furthermore, think about the features and benefits you are offering with your service and who uses them.

Finally, what kind of action do you want your audience to take? Visit your website? Shop a sale online? Bring in a coupon? Become part of your team? Once you have that action, make it very clear to your audience the kind of response you want. This will help increase the effectiveness of your direct mail.

Fisher Printing

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